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What is Telehealth good for?

  1. Screening for Coronavirus and discussion of next steps if exposure or risks.

  2. Follow up of medication changes.

  3. Diabetic blood sugar management.

  4. Extensive discussion of tests

  5. Evaluation of a rash.

  6. Back pain

  7. Abdominal pain.

  8. Depression and anxiety counseling and medication management.

  9. Sinus infections.

  10. Coughs.

  11. Physicals for work

  12. During this period of physical isolation, this is an amazing tool for almost anything!

If we determine that we cannot effectively evaluate you by Telehealth, we can have the conversation of what makes the most sense. We can either evaluate you in our parking lot or bring you directly back to an exam room. That way for the safety of you and the other patients, there we can keep the 6 feet recommended between patients.

But I’m not great with technology… Don’t worry, we’ll work with you.

Our preferred platform is Hippo Health for a variety of reasons, but for the short term the government is allowing us to connect with you in any way we can. It’s simpler than you think.  (See, “How to Hippo”) Enlist the help of your kids or friends. Or come to the parking lot and one of our staff will help walk you through it.

We can use in addition to Hippo Health:







We actually recommend downloading at least one of these other forms of communication as well. The entire country is using these platforms so it’s best to have a back-up. If you click on the picture of each app it will take you to their website to download. 

So, don’t feel like you can’t get the care you need. If you are having a healthcare issue, don’t put it off. We are adapting and we are here to help you!

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Google Duo
Face Time
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If you would like to sign up with our office HIPPO Health App, click on the link below and follow the instructions below. 

On Mobile

- if you tap it from your mobile device it routes you through the app store, either Apple or Google, depending on your device and once you download the app it opens to the signup page

- if you already have the app installed and tap this link it will open the app and take you to the signup page with an option to sign in (if you've already created an account)


On Desktop

- if you are on desktop and click this link it routes you to your browser with an option to sign-up or sign-in