Dora Hilty, MD

Dr Hilty pic.png

Dr Hilty was born in Denver at Rose Medical Center but spent her childhood in Tennessee. She attended college at Trinity University in San Antonio and studied chemical engineering. However, her junior year of college, she shifted gears and decided to go to medical school. Though she completed her engineering degree she went straight from college to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. From there, she went to Baylor University in Houston for her residency training in internal medicine. After residency, Dr. Hilty returned to Colorado and became a hospitalist, caring for complex hospitalized internal medicine patients. After 15 years of running a private hospital-based practice, she decided she wanted to be involved in continuity care and turned toward outpatient medicine. She worked in a PACE program caring for frail and elderly patients and more recently in a larger multi-specialty clinic setting caring for a diverse range of adult patients. She is excited to work with Partners in Health and Rocky Mountain Primary Care to add her expertise in complex elderly patients and her passion for preventative medicine to an already great practice.

Dr. Hilty’s philosophy for medicine is that we are here to guide patients through the complexities of the medical world. She feels that most of us can be healthier with diet and exercise, and focuses a lot of her practice on guiding patients on how they can be healthier with as few medications as possible. Prevention is key but medications and surgeries are available when a little help is needed.

When Dr. Hilty  isn’t in clinic, you will find her biking, hiking, skiing, practicing yoga or on the soccer fields watching her teenage boys.